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Eco Flex Pavement Sign

Eco Flex Sign

Panel Size: 783mm x 460mm

Base: Black PVC

Dimensions (WxHxD): 523 × 870 × 490

Weight: 10kg

Swinger Pavement Sign

Swinger Sign

Panel Size: 500 x 750mm

Base: Black PVC

Frame Colours: White or Black

Weight: 16Kg

Roll Top A-Board

Roll Top A-Board

Panel Size: 860 x 530mm

Colours: White

Weight: 12Kg

Windjamme Sign


MATERIAL: Anodised Aluminium

BASE: Water filled PVC

GRAPHIC SIZE: (A0) 891 x 1239mm  SIZE/WEIGHT: 18kg - 77kg (full)

GRAPHIC SIZE: (A1) 841 x 594mm  SIZE/WEIGHT: 13kg - 37kg (full)



Panel Size: 915 x 610mm

Colours: White

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